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Impact of Giving

The Grateful Patients & Families of Iredell annual fund will have a simple yet meaningful purpose — to help patients during their time of greatest need.  Below are just a few examples of ways the annual fund can create solutions that will enrich the patient/family experience at Iredell Health System.

Blankets Warmers
Warmed blankets are often placed on patients to make them feel more comfortable in cool ambient temperatures or when sedation or anesthesia has disturbed the body's thermal regulation.

Outpatient Kits
Care provided at discharge or on an outpatient basis can be as important as care provided in the hospital. Grateful Patients & Families of Iredell could provide tools and services to aid transitions to home care and reduce readmissions, including: pediatric dosing spoons, syringes and nasal atomizers to ensure children can be accurately dosed with medication at home; unit-dose dispensing systems that help at-home patients take the right medication at the right time, to improve outcomes and prevent mishaps; blood-pressure, weight and fluid monitoring equipment for patients returning home.

Heart Pillows
With hundreds of cardiac procedures performed each year, we could help ensure each patient receives a therapeutic pillow to aid post-operative recovery. In addition to bringing a little cheer to a difficult time.

Comfort Cart
Would support the need for comfort care for family members during their stay at Iredell. This unique cart provides the in-room necessities they need so they can spend more time with their loved one.